Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Restoration

hair transplant client in button down shirt

The cost of a hair transplant can be very confusing. There are different procedure types and different ways of pricing. We’ll explain how it all works.

Medications can be an important part of hair restoration. Prescriptions like minoxidil won’t restore your hair, but they will slow your continued hair loss.

Male pattern baldness is a very common challenge for men of all ages. Thinning or receding hair can start as early as your 20’s. The medical term for this hair loss is androgenic alopecia.

While there are many options on the market which claim to treat hair loss, only hair transplants are 100% effective. There are two types of hair transplant procedures: FUT and FUE. Which is the best for hair loss? 

There are a few different tools and techniques in hair restoration. Robotic hair restoration uses technology from ARTAS to perform an advanced FUE procedure.